Tuesday, March 31, 2009

on oh me oh my

tomorrow i go back to work. new store. new boss. new rules. new new new. went to bean there with the boy and spent hours catching up on emails etc. i hope and pray things go smoothly. i'm excited about this opportunity but its incredibly overwhelming. and as overwhelming as it is, i'm greatful i have a job. its not my dream job but it's been and is going to continue to be a great learning experience. a stressful learning experience, but incredibly useful when i open my dream store. times are hard right now and to have a job at all is something to celebrate. from my house its a 45 minute drive ...which sucks but i have seriously been considering finding a place of my own in ghent. if i move out there, my 45 min drive will become a 20 minute drive. completely worth it to me. I've gotten a few leads on studios & one bedrooms right in my price range and even, briefly, spoke with kimmy about moving in together. That would be ideal! kimmmmy....get at me on that baby girl. i mean, we could share clothes and hair products and stars and instruments and amazigness!!! in love with that idea. hopefully it'll happen.

Boyfriend leaves for tour in 17 days. I can't even think about it.
He's perfect. Seriously. Perfect. In talking to jesse about things i've realized the only things that bother me are two things: 1) having a boyfriend that has a great sense of style is incredibly difficult. i spend twice as long picking out something to wear before i see him. sounds retarded but its true. & 2) i've started to realize while walking around with him, people have stopped looking at me, but look at HIM. c'mon? what is happening???

17 days. ugh.
John AM spins at the wave tomorrow night. Come & support! I'll see you there...

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Teagan said...

you have found some studios in ghent? please share, ive been looking everywhere and have yet to find any nice ones!