Sunday, March 22, 2009

on philly

philly's been fun. i wish more people were here to enjoy it with me. dave's been a great host and we've been staying pretty busy. friday we went to a local bar to have a few drinks & then to dutty chutney. yesterday was sight seeing and bloc party. a cute little couple gave us their extra vip passes which was lovely. i think it has something to do with, "the bubble" factor, as discussed on 30 rock thursday. watch'll understand. todays been slow. neither of us are feeling very well. we were supposed to go out to brooklyn tonight but who knows if that's going to happen.

apparently philly's known for their murals? here are a few.
more pictures to come. INCLUDING, pics from the receiver show!

excited about coming home tomorrow. there are many people i want to hug and kiss.

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