Thursday, April 16, 2009

we'd look better if we win.

good morning ladies and gentleman.

i've had a marvelous past few days. God is always great about giving me a few really really great days after things go crazy. besides the jumbled thoughts, i've had great people to sort it all out for me and make me feel human again.

easter was great. got up pretty early and sang. had service and then grilled out at the house. it was a pretty chill afternoon. the kennons came over and we all just sat around ate and talked in the living room for a good 3 hours. all this week i've thought about pastor's sermon on what the world would be like if Jesus had not resurrected. He brought up great ideas about wars and israel and how weak the US probably would have been if the US existed at all. He also brought up great points as far as the validity of the resurrection is concerned. His question was...why would 11/12 disciples give their lives for something they knew was a lie? Why would hundreds of his followers choose martyrdom, exile, alienation for something that wasn't true? All of it really made me think and really shook me up. More than anything he touched on the affect the resurrection has had on what hope means for so many people. hope is what people needed and his resurrection did that. the lesson i learned this past week has been to keep hoping in what God has for me because everything else is out of my control. its the same lesson i've been learning over and over the past few years of my life but its always something completely different each time.

Monday was pretty relaxed. had breakfast with david and then went to work till 7. Tuesday was work again and then business planning for a few hours and then an amazing dinner with dave wright at bakers crust. I realized how much of a food nut i am that night when the waiter brought out what was supposed to be carpese salad, except it had parsley on top. i had it sent back and corrected. dave had no idea what was going on and i kind of felt like a biatch, but a caprece salad is a caprece salad and it doesn't take a culinary genius to make a caprece salad. am i rambling? you guys have no idea what i'm talking about . . . anyway, the rest of the meal was amazing and their crepes are some of the best i've ever had...even more than the ones we had in france! (i'm gonna get in a lot of trouble for that...). after, went to isaac's loft and roller skated all night! got a mean bruise on my knee that you should ask to see next time you see me. its totally dot from a league of their own's bruise status.

Wednesday had brunch with kimjong. oh how i love that girl. we were going to go to ihop but i decided to bring her to the broken egg since everyone seems to love it there. it was both our first time and very very worth it. they had pomegranate mimosas!!

left there and went and played music for a few hours. we decided that we're starting a band called "receive THIS". hahaha. ugh. we also decided that we're going to get all "mandy & mylers show" on the youtube and start a "kimmy & julia show". there will be social commentary. there will be re-enactments of nights prior. there will be guts busted and lyves rocked and etc. oh yeah, and covers...

here's our first. this song has been on my mind a lot lately. "oh why can't i feel for you? / my heart is so black to you / .... / Oh love! Set me free! set me free! come on and set me free!"

the original is on their album "Ode to Sunshine" - here is our version. enjoy.

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DW said...

Yeah, you went a little crazy about the fresh tomato and mozzarella appetizer. It's okay though, I thought it was funny, and at least you didn't pretend Baker's Crust was suddenly an all you can eat buffet like the fatty in the booth next to us. Hey, I've got an idea, let's keep sending our food back, eating 3/4 of it and then complaining so we get more. Who needs Old Country Buffet when you can have AYCE gourmet food?