Thursday, April 23, 2009

love vs hate vs. etc

A few things i realized i hated these past 2 weeks:

- that i grind my teeth when i'm nervous / stressed / confused/ thoughtful / etc.
- calluses from playing guitar. sew painful.
- not getting my paycheck when i am expecting it.
- people that have an inability to man up.
- pocketmac.
- the way that every left spike in a pair of heels that i own somehow end up way more tattered and worn than my right
- the frequency of my parents' traveling out of the country.
- cleaning my car.
- how dirty my car is.
- the fact that i bought a $90 ipod adapter for my car, which hasn't worked, but haven't had the time to return it yet.
- how high my belly button is. ask me next time you see me and i'll show you. sick.
- my drive to work. its long. and boring.

A few things i realized i loved these past 2 weeks:

- how much deep thinking i've been able to accomplish on my long boring drive to work!
- printed hosiery.
- influx w/john am spinning.
- aventinus beer.
- jersey knit sheets..
- menswear for women.
- the way that most of my guy friends have a deeper commitment to a dance floor than i.
- pomegranate mimosas.
- getting flowers in the mail.
- getting a drink with jesse.
- coming to the realization that my friends really do believe in me and are great great supportive people.
- The Veils.
- meeting people that are in no way attached to my group of friends.


- today, i think i helped a man cheat on his wife. these are only assumptions, of course. he asked me how "his friend" could lock his phone so that his friends wife couldn't get into it and also how he could make it so that the phone didn't record his call history. he also asked me if he could purchase a memory card to store all of "his friends" photos on and then if i could wipe the handset clean of any information at all, especially the contacts. he then leaves the store with my card, calls 5 minutes later asking what time i was closing, and then comes back asking if the phone's battery could hold any memory and wanted to buy a new one if so. i told him it did and charged him extra for it. eh?

- tomorrow i leave for DC till sunday night. i've missed my aunt so much. a few of you have met her and know how much i love her. if i could accomplish half of what she has in her life so far, i'd die happy and completely satisfied. brunch with jon golike on sunday. excited.

- kings of leon & the walkmen on monday. cannot even waiiit.

that. is. it.


lady cardea said...

bart and i will be going to kings of leon too!
im so excited, see you there :)

kimjong said...

the walkmen huh? how very seth cohen of you.