Monday, April 13, 2009

on not having time to blog?

Maybe its not necessarily that i haven't had time to blog, i've just been lacking in motivation to blog. mostly because i've been in this weird mood where i'd rather soak then squeeze...make sense?


a few of you have been curious about the new job. overall i'd say that its going great. corporate is opening a store 2 mins away from where my store is and i'm more than worried about what that'll mean for us. i don't really know what the need for us being around would be, but hopefully they will need us. i'd hate to think that i've put time and gas and work into this store to get it running for nothing...

i've been meeting with some people recently about my wanting to open an actual store for paper heart. i haven't really let many people hear what my ideas for the business are except for a select few. mainly because i don't want to get ahead of myself and get my own hopes up for something that would be awesome to accomplish, but is very daunting and a lot of work. so far i've gotten a great response and have a few people that are already interested in investing, but i definitely want to get a good business plan written up so i can organize my thoughts and actually get things onto paper. money is the biggest issue right now and although i'd like to start it without taking out any loans, not doing so is probably going to be close to impossible. hopefully you guys will be willing to take me in and feed me for a few years when i can't afford to live my lyfe...

either way, i'm so very excited about what i have swimming in my brain. there are a few spaces in downtown norfolk i'd love to place the store in. have even considered looking at the building relative theory used to be in. rumor has it the reason the guys left there was because the rent was so high...hah. this is what i mean by trying to stick to a realistic business plan and to not have visions of grandeur. paper heart is going to be my baby. and as dave put it...starting a business is definitely far from impossible. the real task is not being intimidated by the amount of work that goes into it. but, its just work. work hasn't scared me before?

my goal : 2 years AT MOST. 6 months is really what i want. but who who who knows.
check out paper heart vintage's myspace here. needs a lot of updating. but it'll give you a feel of how i want to present it all. ADD US!

love love love
everything is going to be ok.

- julia

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