Saturday, April 18, 2009

on keeping up with my 'personal brand'

i feel like my "personal brand" would be complete if learned how to 'shred that gnar' that everyone's always talking about.

i've lived here for 22 years and have attempted twice and both times have done well but just never kept up. who wants to help me ?? sarahmarie? rach? kimmy? mr.crowne? anywone in the universe???? all of my friends are 10x more awesome than i am and i feel left out.

point is...this needs to be me in T minus 3 months. . .



rachel said...

oh i got ya girl! i have a spare board for that purpose! my whole family does literally. me, my dad, brothers, sister, step mom. my dad even has a few spare long boards. so yeah, i got ya covered!

sarahmarie said...

god, i could probably use a refresher course myself.

we could let my brother teach us.