Thursday, May 28, 2009

all you soul searching people c'mon

Listening to: Delta Spirit - "People C'mon"
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Location: Bean There Cafe

haven't really had much to say lately.
a lot of things have been changing and i've been in a lot of physical pain and blah blah. lately my thoughts have been about my next steps and about how a lot of us seem to be taking baby ones towards the same direction. its a great feeling and its good to be able to talk with good friends about what we've been wanting out of life. its all the same thing. higher callings, bigger dreams, and making those dreams a reality. i guess the thoughts haven't really been changing, but mores o the actions being taken towards them. i'm humbled to have the amazing people i have in my life. its funny because i've had the same conversation with different people about what i've shared with you before. the need to surround ourselves with people we believe are encouraging and influential for the better in our lives. we are eager to find truth in everything we are thinking, feeling, doing, loving...all of it and are doing so by a step 1: getting good vibes & doing this by surrounding ourselves with go getters and people that believe in a higher calling / bigger things / living a full life. YES. this is so amazing to me. God bless my friends. they are beautiful. Lord you answer prayer so could i ever be impatient again?

along these lines we've discussed starting a bible study. all of us come from different parts of the walk. we're all from different types of churches and all believe the same thing but all want to get the same good word in the same specific setting...problem is we haven't necessarily found it yet. if you want to join, we'd love to have you. i've been praying about finding a great way to get back into the word and i think this is going to be a great start. we're determined to make it something beautiful...without judgement...without holding back...without people being afraid to be who they are but love God all the same. It'll be challenging too, because the Word is the word, and if it's sharp, its sharp, and all for the better. we'll have bible study and then introduce new music, art, culture, maybe even a new wine?? tell me what you all think about this.. .

in other news...

today, i realized that i was afraid. that i'm not as strong as i'd like to be.
i'm incredibly afraid of taking out a loan for paper heart. i'm incredibly afraid of it being unsuccessful. and i'm realizing that a good businesswoman cannot be afraid of that.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

congratulations mr. quincampoix

you've officially given up your little amelie.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ok. seriously

if john & kate can't survive...who willlll....???

Sunday, May 24, 2009


i feel like i want to see how ny does the fourth of july.
who's down?

Friday, May 22, 2009

is it STILL friday?

mmhmm. this has been a great week!
sky bar last night:

check out the rest here.
see you on the dance floor tonight!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Coldplay was incredible! It wasn't only a great show but a genuinely great time with amazing friends. Last night was all about group hugs, singing in harmonies at the top of our lungs, and finding enough room for a little lawn seat dancing. during the encore, aaron and i stood arm in arm and he looked over at me and said, "be here now, jules!" and it was honestly a great reminder of what it meant to really soak in each moment. sometimes i get too wrapped up in going going going that i don't embrace each moment and soak it in. so when he said that, i did and looked up at the stars and listened to my friends singing their hearts out and realized how much i have to be thankful for. stars and friends and great music and the ability to just, live. check out the pics from last night here. bar grand opening! don't even know what to wear.
skybar needs to happen this summer. like, all the time.

God is good! What a great life...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tomorrow i'm going to sit at bean there and finish my business plan.
i've asked melissa and sarah to model a few of the new items. really really cute stuff! i'm so excited for you all to see it. bart will be shooting, i will be styling, and i'm going to be asking bill from angelo's salon to do hair & makeup. should be a great shoot.

i'm also trying to look for a good quality screen printing place to get the shirts i have sketched out into some samples. . . they are seriously seriously so cute. i'm excited. so as long as i find someone that either knows how to print on rayon / tencel blend shirts...we'll be on the ball. maybe i'm just too picky??

God is teaching me what it means to really feel fulfilled. Today I don't feel wanting for anything, except for the health of my family, friends, and career. I like it. I don't feel lonely or upset or like I'm missing out today. That's satisfying.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

'lately' has been..

- 3 day weekend : and this is first because that never happens!
- $10 coldplay tickets > for more details. only good today.
- poolside w/ amy hamm tomorrow. ALL day.
- being reintroduced to old faces that i hadn't seen in a while. people are coming home from college / others are just coming home to meee.
- dancing more in the past 2 weeks than i have ever danced before
- discovering that i was a yenta
- life altering conversations about love & life that have really opened my eyes to the good the bad the ugly and everything in between. there's a peace there now.
- sand / ocean / moonlight / gummy bears / ice cream till 4 am with one of the greatest humans ever. so thankful. so so thankful.

i'm not afraid or intimidated or antsy about what will be happening in the next few weeks. whatever will be, will be. life is so so good. wherever i end up, i hope the people are just as in love as my friends and i are with each other. Cogan's at 8p tonight! come hang.

i thank you for your listening ears. nothing is more comforting than listening ears...

-julia r.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

see ya, life

they're streaming it online.
totally dead from being so happy

listen here

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

fauz pauz

so here's the deal.
went a liiittle bit crazy at forever 21 the other day and bought . . .
uh. a lot.

funny thing is that all of it was blues & grays & whites & and blacks.
(kimmy. i'm going backwardz.) all good quality basics. i found a white tee: 70% rayon, 30% tencel, dry clean only, slightly loose, a little long, with regular tee seams, but with an extra seam going up the back. WIN.

everything in my closet during fall & winter months are bright colors but during summer & spring its the same blues & grays & whites & and blacks. i don't know why i get into darker colors during summer. faux pas. i never realized how obsessed with comfortable clothing i was until now. tri blend tri blend tri blend. win win win.

i also need someone to find me this top, stat:

ladies. lets freaking get together and make something great happen.
i'm seconding kimmy's nyc notion. let us make that win.

yuck. why do you all read my blog? i swear there is more to me than obsessing over fashion but sometimes i cannot hulp myselfffff

the hills have dumb idiots

this is why i love/hate the hills:

first there's this:

and then, there's this:

If I ever meet stephanie pratt, I will not even know what to do with myself. I mean, could you imagine me meeting her? and how hard my fist would meet her face??

come come come to this



and my friends



mk love you bye.

Monday, May 11, 2009

the water

"The Water"
a short film by Kevin Drew
and starring Leslie Feist

Found this last night and thought it was the creepiest yet beautiful love story I'd seen in a while. ( Fun fact: Kevin Drew and Feist were band mates in the broken social scene and are lovers in real life! )

watch the movie HERE. its about 10 minutes long. it's a little drawn out in the beginning but the end is what makes it all count..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

3 posts in one day?

today has been a day of discovery. that includes this (make sure you have your headphones innnn:
i want to be laura veirs.
i realized today that i can't sit still or have a free moment because my thoughts seem to wander too much. its like, if i sit and be quiet for too long, i find myself over thinking and torturing myself. they are mainly thoughts about figuring out how to make things happen for me now, rather than wait for my life to just work itself out. its almost like an obsession & it is so tiring.

its really strange to me that i've become the type of person that needs to keep moving. i used to be such a homebody and completely ok with being at home. but now, whether its working or going out or even just sitting and having a meal. i've kept a steady pace . . . and pushed that pace, and i've realized that its to distract myself from these crazy questions of how, when, who, what, etc. . .

and i . don't . know...if this is a good or bad thing.

etc. & mother's day

there are so many thoughts swirling right now.
kal and i had an amazing conversation today that completely blew my mind.not about anyone or anything in particular, necessarily, but about the way the world works in general. its amazing to hear how different women and men think. its definitely a good thing to sit and talk life with the opposite sex. you learn a lot!

there are also a lot of plans being talked of lately.

c'mon c'mon. c'mon.
so many possibilities.

momma's still gone so no momma to spoil tomorrow. but it in her honor i will say that she is, of course, one of the two most influential women in my life. everyone who knows my mother and i, knows that i am so much like her. in our features, our outlooks on life, our temperment (sooometimes ;)), our humor, i mean...everything! she is definitely my all time favorite stylecon and i love her so much. i'm very proud to call her momma. she's taught me, or atleast triiiies to teach me (ha!), how to be a lady and what it means to work hard and to believe in yourself.

here's to momma. i love you. you're so much of what i want to be when i grow up.

(momma, in the middle )

Friday, May 8, 2009


Thursday, May 7, 2009

birthday aura

y'all missed out. check out the birthday spirit city club ghost party #23...

more pics here.

Monday, May 4, 2009

on being restless

i've always been a very independent type of person. i've always done my own thing, didn't like to follow trends, and was always considered the blacksheep of the family. anything that i wanted...i've pretty much been the type of person to just go and get it. and if i can't go and get it...i try my best to work towards it and make it happen. i definitely can't say that i've achieved all of my goals, but that's ok...i'm still young and God willing, i still have a lot of time to get it done. . .

but. no matter how great my life is at the moment, i've always been restless. i guess that its a normal feeling for someone my age to feel. but lately it has been something completely different and is honestly kind of hard to explain. i love virginia beach and i will always always call it home. but there comes a point in your life when you really start to feel like there just isn't anything left to be excited about. where "home" doesn't really feel like home. when you feel out of place because things just become way too familiarized and there's nothing left to discover. i've been wanting to move away for a really long time and i honestly think that those feelings were just the result of emotional baggage i was trying to run away from, hence me wanting to leave. i guess just to leave memories and places and familiar faces that i didn't want to be reminded of anything by.

at this point in my life, i'm completely satisfied with most things. i've got a great job & have been given even better opportunities. spiritually, physically, materialistically, i dont feel wanting or that anything is out of reach. but lately i have found myself wanting more in a relational aspect. not in the romantic or friendship sense...well...i guess kind of, but more so i've felt like i don't really have any friends that i can relate to right now. relate to, yes, in a girl type of way. you know, the, why are my boobs getting bigger? lets go shopping! she did what?? kind of way. with the exception of my darling amy hammond, all of my best girlfriends and i are in completely different places in life and its been a struggle to find girl time because we're all always preoccupied. my sisters are both married with kids, and 90% of their conversation has to do with how to discipline, how to have a husband, how to clean up poop, etc etc. 3 of my closest girlfriends don't live here and my girlfriends that live here are all usually MIA due to boyfriends. not that any of that is a bad thing, but i'm really itching to feel like i belong again. to have people that are in the same place in life as i am. goal oriented, successful, happy, willing to travel, independent? this is why i am so so happy amy and i have been hanging out! i feel like we have the same outlook on a lot of things and i'm definitely in need of some real girl time! i can see this summer already...dirty martinis & the outside bar/fire pits at catch 31. win.

maybe i'm really just jealous of all of the traveling my friends have been doing lately. i guess it doesn't help that a large percentage of my friends right now are either over seas, on tour, or living in awesome walk/bike kind of cities. hah. i guess in the mean time, i'm going to be thinking & praying about what my next step is. i don't think VB is where i need to be right now. whether or not that means putting Paper Heart on hold, or even looking for another city it would do better in...i really think that it's time for me to get out of my comfort zone and take huge leaps to really get what i want out of life. there's so much more out there to do and to feel and to learn. i need it all.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

the funeral

"To know me as hardly golden
Is to know me all wrong"

in LOVE with this
serena ryder covers band of horses