Sunday, May 10, 2009

etc. & mother's day

there are so many thoughts swirling right now.
kal and i had an amazing conversation today that completely blew my mind.not about anyone or anything in particular, necessarily, but about the way the world works in general. its amazing to hear how different women and men think. its definitely a good thing to sit and talk life with the opposite sex. you learn a lot!

there are also a lot of plans being talked of lately.

c'mon c'mon. c'mon.
so many possibilities.

momma's still gone so no momma to spoil tomorrow. but it in her honor i will say that she is, of course, one of the two most influential women in my life. everyone who knows my mother and i, knows that i am so much like her. in our features, our outlooks on life, our temperment (sooometimes ;)), our humor, i mean...everything! she is definitely my all time favorite stylecon and i love her so much. i'm very proud to call her momma. she's taught me, or atleast triiiies to teach me (ha!), how to be a lady and what it means to work hard and to believe in yourself.

here's to momma. i love you. you're so much of what i want to be when i grow up.

(momma, in the middle )

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