Thursday, May 28, 2009

all you soul searching people c'mon

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haven't really had much to say lately.
a lot of things have been changing and i've been in a lot of physical pain and blah blah. lately my thoughts have been about my next steps and about how a lot of us seem to be taking baby ones towards the same direction. its a great feeling and its good to be able to talk with good friends about what we've been wanting out of life. its all the same thing. higher callings, bigger dreams, and making those dreams a reality. i guess the thoughts haven't really been changing, but mores o the actions being taken towards them. i'm humbled to have the amazing people i have in my life. its funny because i've had the same conversation with different people about what i've shared with you before. the need to surround ourselves with people we believe are encouraging and influential for the better in our lives. we are eager to find truth in everything we are thinking, feeling, doing, loving...all of it and are doing so by a step 1: getting good vibes & doing this by surrounding ourselves with go getters and people that believe in a higher calling / bigger things / living a full life. YES. this is so amazing to me. God bless my friends. they are beautiful. Lord you answer prayer so could i ever be impatient again?

along these lines we've discussed starting a bible study. all of us come from different parts of the walk. we're all from different types of churches and all believe the same thing but all want to get the same good word in the same specific setting...problem is we haven't necessarily found it yet. if you want to join, we'd love to have you. i've been praying about finding a great way to get back into the word and i think this is going to be a great start. we're determined to make it something beautiful...without judgement...without holding back...without people being afraid to be who they are but love God all the same. It'll be challenging too, because the Word is the word, and if it's sharp, its sharp, and all for the better. we'll have bible study and then introduce new music, art, culture, maybe even a new wine?? tell me what you all think about this.. .

in other news...

today, i realized that i was afraid. that i'm not as strong as i'd like to be.
i'm incredibly afraid of taking out a loan for paper heart. i'm incredibly afraid of it being unsuccessful. and i'm realizing that a good businesswoman cannot be afraid of that.



Anonymous said...

Be more afraid of being mediocre than of trying and failing. If it doesn't work then it doesn't work, but at least you won't look back and wonder what may have been.


julia r said...

beautifully said. now who are you???