Tuesday, May 12, 2009

fauz pauz

so here's the deal.
went a liiittle bit crazy at forever 21 the other day and bought . . .
uh. a lot.

funny thing is that all of it was blues & grays & whites & and blacks.
(kimmy. i'm going backwardz.) all good quality basics. i found a white tee: 70% rayon, 30% tencel, dry clean only, slightly loose, a little long, with regular tee seams, but with an extra seam going up the back. WIN.

everything in my closet during fall & winter months are bright colors but during summer & spring its the same blues & grays & whites & and blacks. i don't know why i get into darker colors during summer. faux pas. i never realized how obsessed with comfortable clothing i was until now. tri blend tri blend tri blend. win win win.

i also need someone to find me this top, stat:

ladies. lets freaking get together and make something great happen.
i'm seconding kimmy's nyc notion. let us make that win.

yuck. why do you all read my blog? i swear there is more to me than obsessing over fashion but sometimes i cannot hulp myselfffff


kimjong said...

im into that top. i pass by one like it everyday at the levis display in the dillards window at work.

julia r said...

WHAT. How much?!?

sarahmarie said...

chris has that shirt. ha.

let's go to new york already.