Thursday, May 21, 2009


Coldplay was incredible! It wasn't only a great show but a genuinely great time with amazing friends. Last night was all about group hugs, singing in harmonies at the top of our lungs, and finding enough room for a little lawn seat dancing. during the encore, aaron and i stood arm in arm and he looked over at me and said, "be here now, jules!" and it was honestly a great reminder of what it meant to really soak in each moment. sometimes i get too wrapped up in going going going that i don't embrace each moment and soak it in. so when he said that, i did and looked up at the stars and listened to my friends singing their hearts out and realized how much i have to be thankful for. stars and friends and great music and the ability to just, live. check out the pics from last night here. bar grand opening! don't even know what to wear.
skybar needs to happen this summer. like, all the time.

God is good! What a great life...

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systemreceiver said...

You like that picture way too much! And I hate it!