Monday, June 1, 2009

everything in moderation

Oh dear.
This month is looking pretty busy. I'm going to be traveling through different stores for work this month and then the last weekend of june i'll be in LA! I sincerely cannot believe my 22nd is only about a month away! Sometimes i think i forget how young i really am and worry too much about why and when and how when in reality i have plenty of time. i'm gonna keep pushing, but i'm going to try not to worry too much about things this year. i've worked really hard to make age 21 what it has been and maybe 22 can be a little more relaxin'! dave currie will be here in 2 weeks for the champagne only pool party. pretty excited about that.

i've been having a lot of weird dreams lately. i hate when you have a great dream but only remember snipets of them...
in one dream, i was at an event with mk and i asked her where she got her belt and she responded "H&M - ever heard of it?" uh...yeah?
in another dream i was at the doctor and she said that i was on the verge of being morbidly obese?
in another dream i was on a raft floating down the james holding a summer ale and smoking a blunt. i don't smoke weed in real life?
in another dream i was laying on a bed with my significant other, playing with our child and laughing.

i haven't even bothered reading up on what all these mean because whenever i do i end up very disappointed.

i hope i have a good summer. besides euro trip 08, the past two have been disastrous..........

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