Monday, June 8, 2009

i feel like a drop of water in the bottom of a glass.

think about it . . .

and soon, i know i'm just going to evaporate.
i don't care about a n y of them.
i just don't like facing certain truths.

but as sarah said, "the sooner you do, the sooner it's over"
someone teach me how to do that.
none of them even matter to me. its me having to face truth that i hate.
and awkward situations. and people that don't deal with things the way i do.

even in his silence. still. i feel all of it...

oh, and i absolutely hate the whole, peripheral vision thing. dumbest.
i just don't want to be that last drop anymore.
i don't like feeling like i have to entertain certain thoughts. my own, even.
i don't like having to prove myself.

this is all truth. and i'm sorry if you think its ridiculous but, hi, welcome to my blog.

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