Friday, June 12, 2009


how weird is it that there are so many different temperments & outlooks & beliefs out there? theres a different measure of self control in everyone of us. a different level of maturity. of character. of grace. this week, i discovered it first hand. i'm disappointed in certain people and it's really sad to see what selfishness can do. how "fame" and the pursuit of "happiness" can affect you. i've realized that it takes a person with a sound mind, grounded in reality to really achieve their goals in a healthy way. if you aren't in that state, its easy to hurt yourself and hurt a lot of people that love you along the way.

and i've heard a lot of people say that its just the affects of youth, but no matter how young you are, you know the difference between right and wrong and hurting someone else is always up to you.

as i've said before, selfishness is the poison of my generation.
it is disgusting & sad.

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kimjong said...

i learned this from watching spider man 3.