Monday, July 6, 2009

weekend recap

so. i'm 22. kind of finally feel more at ease with the age i'm at. i don't know if you understand how i mean, but i do.

friday was birthday eve. woke up to a beautiful breezy day and had lunch w/ kal did a little shopping, got my nails done & then met up with kal again and saw public enemies. rushed home and that night hung out with melissa, kal, amy, gabe, bart, eric, mary, andy, & jamie. we had hibatchi & sushi at sai gai in norfolk. went to swirl for ice cream on colley and after that the wave to dance and ty/josiah/jimmy/cory/paul/& michelle met up. we danced. we hung. good times.

saturday was my real birthday day. woke up to an empty house and had lunch w/ the family and ate red velvet cake that sister elise made for me. it was a pretty quiet lunch. then picked up kal and headed to ty & andy's to meet up with everyone to grill out and later walked to see the fireworks.

today went to church, yelled at an apple care rep over the phone, had lunch & coffee with andy mellon then headed to another great dinner with the fam. added another coffee table 'book' to my collection when i randomly found a copy of the april 1979 edition of Réalités mag...truly a feast for the eyes.(!!!). dad left for Rhode Island till friday and wend and brought the boy soup because he's been sick. after went and played "lips" w keith, elise, & justin. dominated. duh.


thank you, friends, for being good people and caring enough to share in celebrating life with me. you are all really the best.


can't waitttt.

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