Saturday, July 11, 2009

wilco will love you, baby.

wilco was amazing. dc was amazing. sarahmarie is amazing!
my week of vacay started out pretty slow and was very relaxing.
started out wednesday by having lunch with andy and ty at machismo in norfolk. i'd never been there before and i really loved it. what got me was how big their burritos were! wrapped, they looked like dirty diapers. haha...right after lunch i left to pick sarah up in richmond. i didn't realize how much i missed taking long drives on my own. i don't know why but there's something comforting about it. listening to mixes and just you and your thoughts to sort yourselves out. i definitely got a lot of thinking done. picked up sarah and headed for dc. we showed up early enough to beat rush hour. (although, rush hour is kind of a constant in DC, so that really doesn't make any sense) We stopped at my aunt's for a bit to drop off our things and took the rail to georgetown for a quick dinner at clyde's. don't go there. they had great appetizers & cocktails but awful entrees. started freaking out bc our gps aka my blackberry was dead, (which also meant that i couldn't tweet about my night!! haha), and found out that the shuttle from the rail to the wolf trap stopped running at 8. we were finished with dinner at 745 and def wouldn't make it on time. took a stinky $30 cab ride to the venue and missed almost all of conor oberst's set.

the venue was very beautiful. apparently we missed the memo that we could actually bring drinks/food in with us and ended up spending $7 on XX equis which we couldn't even bring in past lawn seats. saw jon golike and shawn and headed to row T in the front orchestra section. boy were those some grrreeeaattt seats. i was very surprised to see the array of wilco listeners at the show. there were people from all walks of life there, very different from the audience i've seen at any other show i've ever been to. besides coldplay maybe ;-). wilco played great and i fell in love even more.

(that one was for kal, obviously.)

after the show we were hungry and headed back to georgetown to get a bight. we asked around for a good place to get a late night meal and everyone we talked to suggested Bisto Francaise - a 4 star french restaurant that has full service till 3 am! By far my favorite restaurant in the DC area. look how charming! i felt like i was in europe again...

after dinner we took another $30 cab ride home. i spent a ridiculous amount of money while i was there...but we were celebrating. no regrets. I am once again passionate about finding someway to end up in DC again. but for good this time. i definitely wish we could have stayed longer...seems to be sarah's and my favorite place to hang out and be in love. haha. she's the best date EVER.

got home the next day and immediately had a shoot w/ josiah. preview!:

josiah marroquin photography 2009

then to a style session and then dinner and then home. it was a looong day.

yesterday had lunch with kelly - a treat for me, simply because i haven't seen her in soo long - then headed home and cleaned out my car & bedroom, got re-organized in preparation for my going back to work. had dinner w andy mellon at tortilla west and had monster nachos! met up with everyone to see a movie and then headed to the wave for a bit to dance.

before i go, i'd like to apologize for my lack of posts lately. i've been so very busy. thank you for reading! i'm back to work this week. another key added to my keychain via getting this portsmouth store running again. wish me luck!

kelly & jesse's wedding tonight. its going to be a beautiful time...

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