Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the lonely nights divide us in two

the past few days have been great ones. I found myself wishing i had my camera with me several times...so please remind me to start carrying it around so that i can show you all my joy for the lately in pictures...

- thursday was ending our separation from our favorite place - cogan's. i didn't get my california dreamin this time, but they pasta was sooo good, gurl.

- friday was desert at cheesecake factory & where the wild things are - which justin hated.

- saturday was dinner at longboard's in downtown portsmouth & an aventinus at the bier garden then tanqueray with sarah & josiah till, 5 am. don't ask why. especially when we had to be on set at 9 AM. . . ugh

- sunday - 9 AM call time. filming lasted till about 6. looong day on 3 hours of sleep. Justin also surprised me with a house warming gift - the sartorialist book!

- monday was 2 interviews, which went pretty well, but i'm not sure if i want to take either position, then lounging around till dinner @ tortilla west & pottery painting at Color Me Mine! Justin wanted to paint me a coffee cup & I painted him a cereal bowl. we also read 2 more chapters in the book we are reading together, The Thief of Always by Clive Barker. I love the Holiday House! I wish it was a reality....Justin says I shouldn't be so quick to that conclusion...

Coming up:

- 2 days of 10-7
- thursday: Costumes & Indy watching & pumpkin carving ( yes, again )
- Satruday: Halloween!! Kal's party? What else is happening?!?

someone find me a job with weekends off so i can have more days like these!!!

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kimjong said...

dental assisting :) weekends off and home by dinner!