Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bleachin' your teeth, smiling flash Talking trash, under your breath

she sat poised.

"which one today?" she thought as she traced through her rollodex.
behind her stood a canvas. a painting she was working on of herself that hadn't yet been completed. she wasn't getting paid for another 2 weeks so she'd have to wait.

"Ah! Bryan.. "

bryan was husky and painfully awkward. he was an artist - in craft and in character.

"bryan.. . i'm in love with you. oh..i know its been a few weeks, but that doesn't matter. oh shut up. lunch? of course. come over. i'll show you the painting i started. bring your paints too. "

there's a knock on the door.

"steve. i thought you were working today? . . . flowers? you shouldn't have. ok. stay the night after work?"

steve was boyish. he loved her. she was bored with him.

she pops in the "love songs" mix from mark (the boy she met first. this was the first of the many mixes he gave her. the last was called the, "i don't give a shit" mix.)

she looks at her painting - deciding on how to finish it.
a song comes on that reminds her of the night she met daniel and she begins to tear up.

there's another knock on her door. she wipes the tears away as she gently pulls one of the straps down and off her shoulder.

that night she looks at the canvas delighted.
"A masterpiece"